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My name's Graham and I'm from Manchester, England originally but I now consider myself a citizen of the world. I'm a retired businessman and now earn 100% of my income online. I was part time online since 1998 until 2011 when I retired from my last offline business. I have done many things online since 1998 - but it has changed so much in that time. When I started there was no spam, people opened all emails because they were excited to get one and affiliate programs had just begun. Then came adsense and link farms made lots of people fortunes until Google slapped them. Then there were Membership Sites, Information Marketing, Software Marketing and so on. In 1998 MLM was just beginning to move online and I had been successful in MLM offline and moved online with my own companies using MLM as a distribution method. So I've seen, done and profited from most things and all as a hobby while I ran my offline businesses. Since retiring from my offline businesses I have become involved in helping people online make money online. I initially was going to set up a marketing academy but circumstances changed my direction and I offer free training from a new site I have set up On  personal note I never need to work again if I don't want as I have retirement income that covers all my needs. In addition I am making great cash online as a hobby and so have all I want and need, and really focused on helping my team get to $10,000 a month each. God bless, Graham p.s. If I can help you in any way just ask and I'll see what I can do 🙂 Connect with me on Facebook - I accept all friend requests.

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In addition to making money with the great programs in SFCII I also love...

Why not join me in them?

At least take a look there is no harm in looking and no obligation!


Why not join me in them?

At least take a look there is no harm in looking and no obligation!


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